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JBS Packerland Producer Registry

The JBS USA, LLC Producer Registry is a website built for and dedicated to the producers and feedyards who supply cattle to JBS USA, LLC.

JBS USA, LLC is comprised of:
  • JBS USA, LLC – Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • JBS USA, LLC – Plainwell, Michigan
  • JBS USA, LLC – Souderton, Pennsylvania
  • JBS USA, LLC – Tolleson, Arizona

  Our goal in providing this website is to allow our valued producers and feedyards the ability to easily enter and verify their supplier and compliance information.

  In turn, this allows JBS USA, LLC to build a Beef Producer Registry.  This Beef Producer Registry will allow us to effectively and efficiently ENSURE that the cattle we process at our facilities meet all Federal and International guidelines.

  Ultimately this Website/Producer Registry will help BOTH the Cattle Producers and JBS USA, LLC GUARANTEE that the Beef Products that are produced by JBS USA, LLC are the most WHOLESOME and VALUE PACKED products possible for our loyal Customers!